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Live Free, Stay Classy...

DRIK is a Nigerian based Urban Clothing Brand. Founded in November of 2012, this brand offers several collections of urban outfits for both men and women inspired by the true rebel art form and graffiti.

The DRIK Urban Clothing collection offers affordable and great quality, indigenously designed sweatshirts, t-shirts, tanks, polo, polo and tank dresses, college football jackets, sweat pants, yoga pants, beanies, caps and headwear etc. worn suitable  as casual-wear, exercise or work-out gear or simply dressing.

With an advantage of comfort flexibility, durability and fun, you are sure to express youthful freedom and total coolness when wearing any of DRIK outfits.

DRIK is maintained by Drik Integrated Solutions Limited, a design and retail company which offers services like Styling, Merchandise branding such as  customized clothing pieces for corporate and special events.

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